Writing Under the Sword of ChatGPT

Suddenly about two months ago, social media, including LinkedIn was full of posts about the promise and potential of ChatGPT, the generative AI platform from OpenAI. Most of the excitement stemmed from the fact that Microsoft was in talks to acquire OpenAI, the tech company behind ChatGPT, for an undisclosed sum. It is reported that… Continue reading Writing Under the Sword of ChatGPT

How a Brand Can Revitalise a Company

My last blog post on brands was about brands that possess revival power and how to spot these wizard brands in your company’s brand portfolio. In that context, I had shared my thoughts and ideas on how Passport Scotch Whisky from Pernod Ricard can tweak its brand strategy and along with a new brand campaign,… Continue reading How a Brand Can Revitalise a Company

How Advertising Agencies and Brands Should Negotiate 2023

We should have seen it coming. The economic slowdown, after a couple of terribly volatile years, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. While the first year of the Covid pandemic prompted strict lockdowns in many countries adversely impacting the services part of the economy, manufacturing chugged along, even if a little slowly. Thanks to that, international… Continue reading How Advertising Agencies and Brands Should Negotiate 2023

How Can Brands Grow Without Growing Old?

Sometime in 2019, I had written a blog post about brands ageing well and in it I had lamented the fact that every brand wants to chase millennials and Gen Z, whether it makes sense for the brand or not. Therefore, every brand also wants to always be young, hip, cool and trendy, whether it… Continue reading How Can Brands Grow Without Growing Old?

Reimagining the Media Landscape After the Pandemic

As with everything to do with the pandemic, there is a pre- and a post-. And so it might be, with the advertising and media landscape, though how much of it is enduring, we still can’t tell. At the start of the Covid pandemic in, well, … it seems like it’s been with us so… Continue reading Reimagining the Media Landscape After the Pandemic

Brands and Competitive Advantage

Recently, I wrote on my blog that I had ordered a copy of Michael E Porter’s book, Competitive Advantage along with Peter Drucker’s Practice of Management. I have written about the first, though not as a book review because it wouldn’t have been fair to Drucker. As far as Michael Porter’s book is concerned, I… Continue reading Brands and Competitive Advantage

Building, Managing and Measuring Brands

In one of my recent blog posts, I said I would like to read David Aaker and Kevin Lane Keller and I am glad to say that I have just finished reading Aaker’s Building Strong Brands that I ordered from Amazon. A lot of it was familiar territory to a seasoned advertising professional like me,… Continue reading Building, Managing and Measuring Brands

What the Digital Medium Needs, To Be a True Brand-building Medium

I remember digital media being the shiny new thing on the horizon, the year Apple launched the iPhone and the smartphone era was born. That was 2007, and there have been plenty of disruption and changes since then. Much water has flowed under the digital bridge and nowhere more so, than in the advertising landscape.… Continue reading What the Digital Medium Needs, To Be a True Brand-building Medium

Crises Make Us Hope for Change

Merely a decade ago, we were barely recovering from the 2008 Financial Crisis. Most of the world was still reeling from the domino effect it sent across the world through the global financial system. Even countries that were not part of the globalized world of finance were impacted through the effects it had on trade… Continue reading Crises Make Us Hope for Change

Exiled with My Thoughts and Ideas on Brands

It’s been such a long hibernation and hiatus in my career, that I have even stopped thinking about it. Though I can’t afford to not think about it, with aged parents to care for, and with whom I now live in Goa. It seems like an eternity since I heard the bustle of an office;… Continue reading Exiled with My Thoughts and Ideas on Brands