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Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Hello friends and welcome back to The Whistle Library! March usually heralds the arrival of Spring when everything turns fresh. In the spirit of spring and spring-cleaning, I urge you to make room for spring-reading this time, when we must set aside the old and familiar and cast our minds to life, ideas, people and culture anew.

I have for you a great selection of reading and viewing this month that will certainly make you re-examine your existing ideas about the world. We start off with an excellent panel discussion from this year’s WEF Davos Summit on Measuring the New Economy, moderated by Gillian Tett of the Financial Times.

We have been hearing and reading about how Asia will dominate this century. Next, is an engaging discussion on this very subject in a McKinsey Podcast, so do listen to what the features of this Asian century will be like.

There is a lot of concern and conjecture about the new coronavirus, Covid-19, that has taken a lot of lives already, both in China and in other countries. In my recent post on the subject, I had referred to a piece by Daniel Defoe that I was delighted to find on Project Gutenberg titled A Journal of The Plague Year, first published in 1722, in which he narrates his personal account of the apprehensions and fears that swept Britain during the plague of 1665-66. And I had promised to share the full text with subscribers, so here it is,

Since we’re also celebrating International Women’s Day in March (March 8), here are some great writings and thoughts of women on fascism, war memorials, and women’s rights as well as climate change.

First, Susan Sontag, in a review of books from the archives that NYRB has been kind enough to unlock for the pleasure of readers like us, writes about fascism. This is followed by yet another archive article by Maya Lin on her thoughts while designing the Vietnam War Memorial, also from NYRB.

Fascinating Fascism

Making the Memorial

Then, there is a video of Margaret Atwood in conversation with France24, on women’s rights and climate change.

While on the subject of thoughts, ideas and writing, here is an article from The New Yorker, by Karl Ove Knausgaard, on the lasting effects of literature and the shadows that knowledge can sometimes cast upon the world, if we allow it to.

And finally in the music section, I have for you two pieces from The Guardian; the first by Igor Levit on Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas and the other on why famous musicians such as Malian koura player, Ballake Sissoko, dread careless airlines on their world tours.

And here’s some of the Ballake Sissoko and Toumani Diabate koura magic as they make music together. Enjoy! Happy Holi to all those in India!

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