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Summer of Discontent Reading

What a year 2020 has been. Six months have gone by in a flash and at the start of the year nobody would have thought that our world would be rocked by a global pandemic, economic recession, racial killings and protests and geo-political tensions.

In this summer of discontent, I welcome you to The Whistle Library with the July 2020 selection which has plenty to read on all of these subjects. We begin with a report from Brookings Institution on the reopening of economies, titled Reopening America and the World which has articles on various dimensions of the reopening: healthcare, employment, business, education, technology and more.

Reopening America & the World

Then, there is an article by Martin Wolf in the Financial Times on the World Bank’s assessment of the Covid and economic crises and how emerging and developing economies will be severely impacted in the Bank’s report, Global Economic Prospects.

June 2020 saw the killing of unarmed African-American men in the US, which sparked off nationwide protests and the movement for racial equality seems to be gathering momentum worldwide. In a set of two articles by Venita Blackburn in The Paris Review – one written last year and another recently – we try to understand what blackness and whiteness means in America.

White People Must Save Themselves from Whiteness

American Refugee

Jill Lepore writes in The New Yorker about the various Commissions that have been set up in America to study racial equality and race relations and their reports, and the futility of it all.

Next, I have for you an article from the New York Review of Books on the one last hope for a democratic Israel as the country plans to annex the West Bank – perhaps as soon as July 2020 – since Netanyahu would like to cash in on Trump’s support soon, should the US President lose his re-election bid in the US later this year.

After Liberal Zionism, the One Hope for a Democratic Israel

China has muscled its way into Hong Kong yet again, this time with a new national security law. This article from the South China Morning Post explains the new law and what it entails. This is followed by a Project Syndicate podcast with Minxin Pei on the future of Hong Kong.

And we have a review of Nobel Prize-winning author JM Coetzee’s latest and last book of his trilogy, called The Death of Jesus from The New York Times.

In the music section, I have news that should come as a treat for fans of Bob Dylan, in this summer of discontent . An article from The New Yorker reviews his latest album, Rough and Rowdy Ways. Then, you can enjoy a 17-minute song, Murder Most Foul, from Dylan’s own YouTube channel, which captures the violence that seems to always grip America.

And that’s it for July 2020. The one welcome development for me in Goa is the arrival of the monsoon rains. Stay safe and well until next month, when we shall meet again here at The Whistle Library.

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