Protected: Reading for An Uneventful Summer

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Writing Under the Sword of ChatGPT

Suddenly about two months ago, social media, including LinkedIn was full of posts about the promise and potential of ChatGPT, the generative AI platform from OpenAI. Most of the excitement stemmed from the fact that Microsoft was in talks to acquire OpenAI, the tech company behind ChatGPT, for an undisclosed sum. It is reported that… Continue reading Writing Under the Sword of ChatGPT

What India Inc’s Earnings Tell Us About the Indian Consumer

After the highs of corporate earnings in the first half of 2022, we ought to be prepared for a more moderate showing in this, the last quarter of India’s fiscal year 2023. The slowing down or moderation in corporate earnings follows from a slowdown in economic activity, and especially due to the positive base effects… Continue reading What India Inc’s Earnings Tell Us About the Indian Consumer

What Ails Private Sector Investment?

Just three years ago, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, many including The Economist were writing about governments getting bigger. Governments did indeed get bigger, as it was their responsibility to control the pandemic and provide relief to vulnerable families across the world. While the kinds of relief and stimulus packages differed from country… Continue reading What Ails Private Sector Investment?

World’s Most Populous Country or World’s Largest Market?

You could say both of the Indian economy and you would be right. We are not merely the fastest growing major economy, we are also the most populous nation now, as the Financial Times recently reported. They said India is likely to overtake China as the world’s most populous nation sometime this month, or at… Continue reading World’s Most Populous Country or World’s Largest Market?

Protected: Staying Human in the World of AI

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Rebrand, Refresh, Rethink – the What and Why of Change

These days, there is a lot of discussion on rebranding, brand refresh and brand rethink in the advertising and brand communications industry. Not sure that is a good sign, because ideally brands ought to be consistent in their product offerings as well as in the way they relate to consumers. In fact, an article shared… Continue reading Rebrand, Refresh, Rethink – the What and Why of Change

When Democracy Itself Becomes a Distraction

With more state elections in India this year and then, the parliamentary elections next year, India is once more in election mode. Many are billing the assembly elections the semi-final before the finals in 2024. As far as the ruling BJP party is concerned, that could well be true. The first round of the semi-finals… Continue reading When Democracy Itself Becomes a Distraction

India’s G20 Year

Last year ended with the grand announcement that 2023 would be India’s presidency of the G20 group of countries. The Prime Minister unveiled a new logo for the G20 along with the theme of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, an ancient Sanskrit concept that stresses the oneness of all humanity. I remember writing about this concept in one… Continue reading India’s G20 Year

Porter’s Competitive Advantage of Nations in Today’s Globalised World

Now that I have finally finished reading Michael E Porter’s The Competitive Advantage of Nations, I thought I’d write about its relevance in today’s globalized world. Like many business and economics books that I have been writing about recently, it wouldn’t be fair for me to review this book either, for the same reasons. I… Continue reading Porter’s Competitive Advantage of Nations in Today’s Globalised World