Britain’s Time of Reckoning

They say a week is a long time in politics, but what a tumultuous month or so it has been for Britain and the world. It was political upheaval and changes prompted by some very irresponsible economics. If one includes the leadership changes that went before this most recent one, Britain begins to resemble Italy.… Continue reading Britain’s Time of Reckoning

Neither Orphans, Nor Detectives

Finished reading the second of the three books my aged father gifted me for my birthday this August, and as someone who has read Kazuo Ishiguro, I have to say it is completely out of character with anything he has written before. I could tell from the book’s title itself, When We Were Orphans that… Continue reading Neither Orphans, Nor Detectives

Should Successful, Media-Shy Brands Advertise or Not?

In the days when loud, full-on advertising and a host of other media content are beamed at you 24x7, including on social media, a media-shy brand sounds like an anachronism. Even more so, when it is a successful brand, highly regarded by customers worldwide and by discerning media channels. In fact, how many such brands… Continue reading Should Successful, Media-Shy Brands Advertise or Not?

Hot-Under-the-Collar Culture Wars

As if we don’t have enough going on already in our lives and across the world, we have new conflicts to deal with almost every other day. It has reached such high-pitched ridiculousness, that almost anything one says, or writes, or does, can be cause for another conflagration. If it isn’t our own ruling party… Continue reading Hot-Under-the-Collar Culture Wars

Whirled-ly Philosophising

I just finished reading a book about economists and their theories that my aged father gifted me for my birthday this August in Goa. Looking at the title and reading the preface and introduction, it struck me immediately as mischief and meddling in publishing once again. The Worldly Philosophers by Robert L Heilbroner, published by… Continue reading Whirled-ly Philosophising

Languages of Truth Coasts on the Surface

I just finished reading Salman Rushdie’s book of essays, Languages of Truth, that my father had bought last year. If it appears to be a timely read, considering the attack on his life in New York recently, so it is. If one thinks about why he attracts so much hate and vitriol even today, it’s… Continue reading Languages of Truth Coasts on the Surface

Protected: Reading for VUCA

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Protected: Reading to Understand the World

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Reportage as News, History, Literature?

In the days, when there is hardly any news reported from on the ground, whether in print, or on television, and much of it not believable, one wonders whatever happened to reportage, as it used to be called. Now, I am not a journalist, though I do write – in my advertising and brand communications… Continue reading Reportage as News, History, Literature?

The State of Women in India@75

Having just written about India on the occasion of our 75th Independence Day, I thought I’d also reflect on the state of women in this country, 75 years after we won independence. And because I have just completed 60 years of my life, perhaps a good way to start this discussion is to look at… Continue reading The State of Women in India@75