Of Writing and Flight

Hello, friends. I am delighted to tell you that my blog has just completed two years and I would like to thank you owl on this occasion. I have tried to bring you my nuanced and balanced reflections from the worlds of economics, business, politics and culture since October 2018. During the past year I… Continue reading Of Writing and Flight

Live Life Outside the 24×7 News Flow

The new year, 2020, has begun and I thought it's the perfect opportunity to share with you, new videos that I have made for my blog. They carry forward the same message of the need for quiet reflection and form yet another link in the Owl Wisdom idea. First, the theme film for my blog… Continue reading Live Life Outside the 24×7 News Flow

Life, As the Birds Would Have It

“Hope is a thing with feathers”                         -Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson’s birthday just went by on December 10. And December is always the month for festive cheer and a little fun. So, I thought I’d share a little video I made in which the birds are counting on the hope, that one day, they get… Continue reading Life, As the Birds Would Have It

One Year and Time for a Refresh

I can't believe that in another week or so, my blog will be completing a year! It seems like just the other day, that I was familiarising myself with the nitty-gritty of starting a blog. Everything, from the subject matter of my blog and how the content should be written and organised, down to the… Continue reading One Year and Time for a Refresh

For Birds of All Feathers!

I had shared this video in March 2019, when Peripatetic Perch was approaching six months since inception. It was an opportunity to share this Quik (quite literally!) video that I put together using stock footage and music on my tablet, for all my feathered friends out there. Four months later, I have created a shorter,… Continue reading For Birds of All Feathers!

A New Year, a New Blog Site… and Owl that Jazz!

We’re a week into 2019 and while we’re in the third week of the government shutdown in the US and just a week away from Britain's parliament voting on Brexit, I thought I would share some positive news with readers of my blog site. What govt shutdown, what Brexit? I was not born in the… Continue reading A New Year, a New Blog Site… and Owl that Jazz!