A New Year, a New Blog Site… and Owl that Jazz!

We’re a week into 2019 and while we’re in the third week of the government shutdown in the US and just a week away from Britain’s parliament voting on Brexit, I thought I would share some positive news with readers of my blog site.

What govt shutdown, what Brexit? I was not born in the woods to be scared of owls…

It’s been quite a week for me, so first off, the good news is that I have my own domain now. It’s called Peripatetic Perch and readers might already have noticed the itinerant nature of the posts by now. Well, the idea for the name came from the tagline of my blog site in its previous avatar. Never underestimate the ingenuity of a seasoned copywriter, especially one who has spent more than a couple of decades in the advertising and brand communications business.

I already had an owl-like bird as my site logo, with a fountain pen nib as its beak. But since I am no designer, I decided to seek help from professionals. On the (rather good) advice from folks at WordPress, I turned to Canva, an app for non-designers, as they take care to specify.

My site’s logo and now, my mascot!

After a week or more of trying this image, that shape and shade, look what I have ended up with. I must tell you that you have to visit the website on your computer to see the full effect of my designing efforts. For some strange reason, the home page header and the site logo are not displayed on mobile devices. Trust me to choose a difficult theme!

There is one other new feature I have to announce. I have decided to start writing at least one business-related feature every month that now has its own category page on the site. My post of 4th January on the economic excesses of the last decade features after this and on the Monthly Business Features page.

Other than that, you can expect to read more posts on similar themes that I have been writing on. If you’re interested in business, economics, politics and culture, you will find that they all meet here. At Peripatetic Perch, where I hope to be able to engage you with my wise-eyed view of the world.

Until next time, which will be soon I promise, it’s happy new year to you all. Let’s hope owl goes well in the UK, the US and across the world. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for keeping me company. Do share your comments on my new site. With your continued readership and support, and a little bit of luck, I hope I can also start sharing a bi-monthly newsletter.

But, let’s see… as this wise old owl here says.

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