Life, As the Birds Would Have It

“Hope is a thing with feathers”

                        -Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson’s birthday just went by on December 10. And December is always the month for festive cheer and a little fun. So, I thought I’d share a little video I made in which the birds are counting on the hope, that one day, they get to have their say in the way the world is run.

But first, a little backstory to this film. I happened to see Edward Lear’s sketches of birds, while I was browsing Pixabay for some images one day. That immediately sparked the thought in my head about writing and making a film about birds imagining a different kind of life. And I also thought Scott Joplin’s piano ragtime would be a great musical accompaniment to this story, so I chose The Entertainer piano rag.

So, here goes. The idea in this film, Birdland, is about birds wanting to take back control of their lives, as observed by a wise old owl. And, of course, it covers politics, business and culture, all the subjects that I write about in my blog, and where I hope you find a wise-eyed view of the world.

Speaking of which, today is the day of parliamentary elections in Britain, and haven’t the Brexiteers been trying to take back control of their lives for the past four years?!

I must also mention here, that I have just started a YouTube channel for my blog, so please visit Peripatetic Perch on YouTube and take a look at the older videos as well.

With apologies (and many thanks) to Edward Lear, and with thanks to Scott Joplin, I present Birdland to you! Enjoy!

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