Live Life Outside the 24×7 News Flow

The new year, 2020, has begun and I thought it’s the perfect opportunity to share with you, new videos that I have made for my blog. They carry forward the same message of the need for quiet reflection and form yet another link in the Owl Wisdom idea.

First, the theme film for my blog which juxtaposes the frenzied following of trending and other 24×7 news flow, with the need to step back and look at the larger picture. Peripatetic Perch is where you find a wise-eyed view of the world as it changes around us. As with all the videos for my blog, I have made these films using stock video footage and music, which I acknowledge at the end of the videos. And, for the first time, I even got to try out my own voice in my video!

The 24×7 life and the need for quiet reflection

The second new film is for The Whistle Library, that special nook of my blog where subscribers to the monthly newsletter – who form a curious, engaged and well-informed set of people – come to roost each month, to read and watch special reports, articles and videos that I select from the Web exclusively for them to enjoy. Here too, the idea of Owl Wisdom is taken forward through an exploration of how contact with the outside world is necessary for us to better understand ourselves.

The Whistle Library – Understanding ourselves better

I hope you like both the videos, and find that they are in keeping with the spirit of my blog – a place for balanced and nuanced reflection on the world of business, politics and culture.

And do try tuning out of the 24×7 news flow online and on television, once in a while this year. You’ll be amazed at the wonders stepping back and reflecting calmly can do for your world view.

For those of you who are not yet subscribers to the monthly newsletter, The Whistle, please read through a sample of the newsletter here and subscribe here. I look forward to welcoming you as a subscriber soon.

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