One Year and Time for a Refresh

I can’t believe that in another week or so, my blog will be completing a year! It seems like just the other day, that I was familiarising myself with the nitty-gritty of starting a blog. Everything, from the subject matter of my blog and how the content should be written and organised, down to the tiniest detail regarding the design theme, font and logo seemed an uphill task. A year later, you can say that this old owl is a little wiser!

Just thought a year is a good time to refresh the look and style of the blog, and so here it is. The new, refreshed Peripatetic Perch. As you can see, I have changed the logo slightly, retaining the owl and the colours. And I have chosen a different WordPress theme for this year, which is equally well-suited to long-form text and visuals. You will be happy to know that the content and the nuanced style of the writing will continue to be the same.

As I just wrote to subscribers of my monthly newsletter, The Whistle, I will continue to keep my eyes peeled for the latest and most crucial events from around the world and write about them in a nuanced, balanced fashion, backed by as much reading as I can do, and as much reporting and research as I can find on the internet.

I hope Peripatetic Perch will continue to be a place for quiet reflection on important issues. And that in some small way, my posts will inspire and inform your world view. Please wish me luck as I embark on another year’s journey of blogging. Do continue to share your comments, and share the posts with your friends and colleagues, if you like them.

Thanks so much! It’s been quite a year of writing and learning for me.

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