G20: A Summit in Need of Statesmanship

If, after watching news of the recently concluded G20 Summit, you got the impression that the global economy is chugging along fine and that countries were getting along fine, you can attribute it to one person: the world leader with the world-leading tweet! After firing off a set of confrontational tweets in customary style, Trump… Continue reading G20: A Summit in Need of Statesmanship

Why Businesses Shouldn’t Cop Out of Climate Change

You’d think that I would be far away from cares about climate change, living in an idyllic place like Goa. Yet, millions of tons of coal that India now imports to feed her ravenous power, steel and cement plants make their way through Mormugoa Port, located in the city of Vasco-da-Gama, not too far from… Continue reading Why Businesses Shouldn’t Cop Out of Climate Change