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Why We Read and When It Matters

We are still at that time of the year, when everyone is compiling lists. Lists of the best books of 2022. The most popular books of 2022. Critics’ choice of 2022. And when we have just waded through enough of those, it’s time for most anticipated books of 2023. Books to look out for in… Continue reading Why We Read and When It Matters

Spotting Brands with Revival Power

There are times in every brand or company’s life, when it ages, or its audience ages, or the brand’s performance seems jaded and stuck in a rut. The reasons could be many. From the product’s features not keeping pace, to the market having outgrown the product, to stiff competition in the marketplace. We have all… Continue reading Spotting Brands with Revival Power

How Stubborn Can Inflation Get This Year?

Inflation has been a global problem since last year. Ever since Covid-related lockdowns were lifted and people started buying goods and services just like in the days before Covid-19. Except that thanks to the lockdown, manufacturing facilities couldn’t ramp up production levels to meet the surging demand. Neither could shipping companies handle the surge in… Continue reading How Stubborn Can Inflation Get This Year?

The Locked-Down Giant Awaketh

China has begun the New Year, 2023, by reopening its economy and freeing its people from the harsh Covid-19 lockdown conditions they had been under for the past couple of years. It had to happen sooner rather than later, I thought. Either the world’s second largest economy would cave in, forcing the government to abandon… Continue reading The Locked-Down Giant Awaketh

Indian Economy Once More in Election Mode

Even as last year ended, there were rumblings of the possibility of the free foodgrain distribution scheme being extended beyond 2022. This is the additional 5kg of foodgrain that was offered free to households eligible under India’s PDS (public distribution system of heavily subsidized foodgrain) during the Covid pandemic. It must have brought tremendous relief… Continue reading Indian Economy Once More in Election Mode

Protected: Reading to Begin the New Year With

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When E = R x NT²

It will soon be a year since Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Besides the toll it has taken on Ukrainian lives and livelihoods, there is a huge cost being imposed on countries around the world. In terms of food and energy shortages, and their high prices. Thankfully Ukraine is able to export foodgrains under an agreement… Continue reading When E = R x NT²

A Young Girl’s Dictionary

Anyone who has read Simon Winchester’s book, The Surgeon of Crowthorne, will wonder how the story of the compiling of the Oxford English Dictionary can ever be fictionalized. It is a fascinating account of an unlikely volunteer and his helping James Murray, the editor of the first OED, with words, their meanings and usage. Anyhow,… Continue reading A Young Girl’s Dictionary

Wintertime, and the Living Ain’t Easy

In a high-inflation environment, it’s perhaps time to look at how consumers are being affected and how they are managing to cope. In Europe, of course, the impact of the war in Ukraine is being most directly felt, I would imagine. What with temperatures dropping, and prices and interest rates rising. Elsewhere too, it is… Continue reading Wintertime, and the Living Ain’t Easy