Afghanistan Impoverished by More Than War

Hello readers. Welcome to the first of my Owleye blog posts - a monthly column of commentary on the most important issue facing the world - in place of my Writings on The Wall blog posts, that now says goodbye. This one is on Afghanistan's economic troubles and its future. After the longest war that… Continue reading Afghanistan Impoverished by More Than War

Are We Ready to Fight COVID-19 and Climate Change?

As the news flows in day after day of the number of people infected by the Coronavirus and those who have died from it, I can’t help but think that we are rather helpless in dealing with it. News media seems to be able to do no more than simply report on the swelling numbers… Continue reading Are We Ready to Fight COVID-19 and Climate Change?

Still Searching for El Dorado in Venezuela

Recent events in Venezuela have put the spotlight once again on a part of the world that is hardly ever given any attention, save when it is about commodity exports to the rest of the world, most importantly, to China. Then again, hasn’t it been this way since the 15th century, when King Ferdinand and… Continue reading Still Searching for El Dorado in Venezuela