The Anarchy: A Cautionary Tale of Capitalism

I have never understood the recent trend (a decade or more) of subtitling book titles, and I suspect it’s the publishers’ tactic of trying to boost book sales. But in the case of William Dalrymple’s recent tome, The Anarchy, the subtitle actually does more justice to the subject: The East India Company, Corporate Violence and… Continue reading The Anarchy: A Cautionary Tale of Capitalism

Homo Deus (sans machina)

It had been a while since I ordered a copy of Homo Deus, Yuval Noah Harari’s second book. I read his first book, Sapiens, sometime in October last year and had reviewed it in a post on my blog. I enjoyed it so much that I was eagerly looking forward to reading Homo Deus. And… Continue reading Homo Deus (sans machina)