Of Faustian Bargains in Our Times

I finished reading the complete Faust by Goethe just a few days ago. However, this post is not about what I thought of the book, but about the train of thoughts it set off inside my head. About Faustian bargains and how we are surrounded by them in our lives. I then discovered that all… Continue reading Of Faustian Bargains in Our Times

GALF 2018: Stories from Home

Goa had some unusual visitors this winter. Not tourists, but some of the finest writers from India and from across the world congregated in this wonderful coastal state to talk about, well, literature and storytelling. The International Centre Goa, venue for GALF 2018 I count myself among the lucky and the privileged to have been… Continue reading GALF 2018: Stories from Home

GALF 2018: Stories of Crossings

While some of the finest stories emerging from GALF 2018 were those from home, rooted in Indian experiences, thought and tradition, there were yet other delightful tales that deserve to be told separately. For these are stories of crossings; of writers making physical and metaphorical journeys across time and space, and of ordinary people who… Continue reading GALF 2018: Stories of Crossings