Winds of Change Affecting Economies

Even in ordinary times, it is too much to expect consistency in economic policies from many governments. And these are anything but ordinary times. Yet, it is in turbulent times that we need consistent and relevant economic policies. Emerging from two years of a devastating pandemic, the global economy has had to deal with wild… Continue reading Winds of Change Affecting Economies

A Paean to Thymos

Over a year ago, I had written a post on identity politics as it exists around the world, including in India, and in it I had referred to an excerpt from Francis Fukuyama’s new book, Identity, that I happened to read online on Quillette. I had then said that I would like to read the… Continue reading A Paean to Thymos

India’s Great (10%) Leap Forward

As we commemorate India’s 70th Republic Day, I can’t help but think how our politicians have distorted and misconstrued our nation’s great Constitution. And when Election season comes around, we are always prone to resort to populist measures and gestures of grandeur. The illuminated Rashtrapati Bhavan on the occasion of 60th Republic Day celebrations in… Continue reading India’s Great (10%) Leap Forward

Identity Crises and how they are Changing the World

Time there was, when all public discourse was framed around the familiar Left versus Right debate and everybody knew exactly what everyone else was talking about. Then came the days of the liberal democrats and the social democrats - whose political views were slightly to the right or to the left of centre - and… Continue reading Identity Crises and how they are Changing the World