Covid-19 and The Big Reset: Owl Wisdom Podcast

As we cope with the world’s worst pandemic, I would like you to join me in looking forward to a post-Covid world. In this Covid-19 special edition of Owl Wisdom Podcast, I try to anticipate our future after Covid and examine critical issues that the world must confront together to fight for healthier lives.

It all depends, of course, on how long Covid-19 lingers and takes its toll on human life and livelihoods. One of the immediate impacts that we are already witnessing is working from home. WFH is already a trending hashtag and social media is full of articles and posts about it.

The immediate economic impact is also being felt in countries around the world. However, I look at the longer-term and more enduring effects of Covid-19 in this podcast. I see them as opportunities for us to usher in much-needed reforms and changes in certain critical areas that have been crying out for attention for decades. Covid-19 could be the event to precipitate change.

Have a listen and do share your views and comments on the world after Covid-19. Listed below are a few links to articles that I reference in the podcast, that you might find useful reading.

Links for further reading:

As an advertising and brand communications professional, I have also created a set of Owl Wisdom posts on Covid-19 that I have been sharing on LinkedIn and Twitter. Here they are, compiled together in a PDF document that you may read, download and share if you like and agree with them.

Stay safe and healthy, wherever you might be.

This edition of Owl Wisdom Podcast uses samples of Philip Glass’ music for the film, The Hours, from in the main sections and is grateful for them, and also music tracks by Twisterium from for the intro and interlude sections.

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