Writings on the Wall #7: Architecture

Even as the world finds itself in the grip of a coronavirus pandemic, and travel has all but come to a standstill, I thought I’d share my thoughts on what makes cities unique, in their own distinctive way.

Architecture. It’s one of the dimensions of a city that we admire as visitors. Not just the famous monuments and landmarks, but the way cities are planned, the public squares where people congregate, the streets and cafes, and the buildings themselves. It tells us how people live their lives.

Right now with the Covid-19 pandemic, cities have not only turned inwards, they are also reinventing themselves: there are numerous schools and colleges, sports stadia, hotels and other buildings across the world turning themselves into makeshift hospitals in order to treat the rising numbers of patients.

Not what the architects, owners and residents of these buildings had in mind perhaps, but they would surely be proud to know that these buildings were of help to thousands of people at a time of great need.

Here are links to articles about the kinds of buildings that are being converted into field hospitals to treat Covid patients:




Take care and stay safe. There will be time for travel yet.

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