All Not Equal Before Covid-19: Owl Wisdom Podcast

As countries start relaxing their Covid lockdowns, we are also aware that Covid has still not left us. It will be many months, say scientists and medical researchers, before Covid-19 is vanquished. Not until a vaccine is discovered, that is.

In my previous podcast edition on Covid-19, I had looked at the enduring effects of the pandemic in terms of much-needed long-term reforms that will be required in a few areas. This time I focus on how and why Covid is having a different effect on different segments of the population, and I find that it reinforces my arguments in the previous podcast. Most importantly, policymakers need to acknowledge that pandemics are particularly devastating for poorer sections of society and for poorer countries as well and that should guide them in their long-term policy-making.

That, in a nutshell, is the subject of this edition of my Owl Wisdom Podcast. I explore the topic from the political, economic and cultural angles as that is what my blog, Peripatetic Perch is all about. I hope you enjoy listening to it and I hope you stay safe and well.

Below are listed links to articles that I reference in the podcast and that you might like to read.

Links for further reading:

As an advertising and brand communications professional, I have also created a set of Owl Wisdom posts on Covid-19 that I have been sharing on LinkedIn and Twitter. Here they are, compiled together in a PDF document that you may read, download and share if you like and agree with them.

Stay safe and healthy, wherever you might be.

This edition of Owl Wisdom Podcast features clips from the music track Quarantine by Michael Leite, courtesy in the main sections and tracks by Twisterium, in the introduction and interlude sections.

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