Writings on The Wall #20: Calamity

Living through a raging pandemic as we are in India, we don't need a bigger calamity in our lives. But we witnessed one briefly this past week, as Cyclone Tauktae stormed through Goa and along the entire western coastline of India. With the first thunder and lightning power went out, plunging us in darkness for… Continue reading Writings on The Wall #20: Calamity

The Year in Skies

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist.”Stephen Hawking As monsoon comes to an end – which it shows no signs of doing right now – the clouds usually lighten and turn wispy. I… Continue reading The Year in Skies

Goa in the Monsoon: An Ovidian Landscape

The South-west monsoon in this part of the world is unlike anything you would have experienced anywhere in the world.  It is unlike anything you experience anywhere else in India, for that matter. It arrives with fair warning, mostly a week after it has made landfall in Kerala. And yet, it is a phenomenon for… Continue reading Goa in the Monsoon: An Ovidian Landscape

Jacinta Island: Ladies’ Day Out!

Taking a break from the recently concluded Indian elections, US-China trade wars, Brexit, the EU elections and sundry other preoccupations, I decided it was time to relax a little. My sister was visiting us in Goa and I thought it might be a good idea to take a drive to an island I have long… Continue reading Jacinta Island: Ladies’ Day Out!

A Winter-Springtime Ode to Goa

“If Winter is here, can Spring be far behind?” - Percy Bysshe Shelley So said the great poet, but strangely enough, winter is springtime in Goa! It’s when the air is clean and crisp and when the skies are blue. It’s when the sun smiles down gently and when the birds sing. It doesn’t just… Continue reading A Winter-Springtime Ode to Goa