Preventing Global Economic Doomsday: Owl Wisdom Podcast

In five months of the Covid-19 global pandemic, we have seen the world lurch from one worldview and set of decisions to another, as countries try to contain the crisis. However, the crisis is both a public health one and an economic one and the biggest decisions governments will have to make is how to manage both.

In this edition of the Owl Wisdom Podcast, I look at all that central banks and governments are doing on the economic front to provide relief and stimulate the economy. I also look at some of the early effects of all the stimulus and whether more needs to be done to stimulate consumer demand. And whether governments need to be more open to the idea of keeping trade channels and supply chains open.

Below, I have also provided a list of links for further reading, news reports and facts that I have referenced in the podcast. I hope you enjoy listening to this edition and look forward to your comments.

Links for further reading:

This edition of the Owl Wisdom Podcast uses the music tracks of David Fesliyan of – Anticipation and Ticking – as well as the track, Reaching the Sky, of Alexander Nakarada from in the main sections of the podcast and is grateful to them for the same. The podcast also uses the music tracks of Twisterium from in the introduction and interlude sections and is thankful for them as well.

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