Owl About Words: In These Cautious Times

As we slowly return to what used to be our normal life – not so long ago, remember? – with masks, hand sanitiser, et al, intact, we probably know at the back of our minds that the world of social distancing is here to stay.

We take gingerly steps towards the new Covid-imposed world, but how did the word ‘gingerly’ come to mean what it does? As always, let’s turn to author and lexicologist, Ivor Brown, who tells us of the word and its many usages, including slangy derivatives, in his book, Just Another Word.

Who knows what new words will emerge from the Covid pandemic. We already have quarantini, a new kind of Martini that I am not sure 007 approves of, yet.

Meanwhile, feeling coviditious, anyone? It’s only to be expected in these over-cautious times.

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