Writings on The Wall #12: Beating The Lockdown Blues

This being the 12th of my Writings on The Wall posts means it completes a year. I raise a glass – actually a cup of coffee – to that.

I just recently wrote on what wines and spirits brands can do to stay engaged with consumers and sell their drinks during a pandemic, in which I referred to the connection between wines and spirits and travel and hospitality. That got me thinking about the kind of customer experiences that brands in all these industries can create to help their customers travel, even if virtually and metaphorically, when travel to many places is still a distant dream in the time of Covid.

Now, I know teleporting is still some years away, but creating customer experiences for home-bound folks is one way companies can stay in touch and strengthen their relationships with their consumers.

Hope you find your own escape from the lockdown blues. Stay well, wherever you might be.

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