Self-Reliance in a Covid Economy: Owl Wisdom Podcast

Hello and welcome to what is certainly my last Owl Wisdom Podcast of 2020. It might be a while before I share another Owl Wisdom Podcast, because I have exhausted the three hours of podcast time that I am allowed on a free SoundCloud account. I had planned at the outset a year ago, for 12 podcasts, of an average of 15 minutes duration each and that is what the first year of my Owl Wisdom Podcasts has managed. I cannot afford to upgrade to a SoundCloud Pro account just yet, but I request all my blog’s readers to please hang in there.

This edition of my Owl Wisdom Podcast is on the Aatmanirbharta or Self-Reliance economic packages that the Indian government has been announcing since the Covid pandemic began, as a way to restart the Indian economy. However, there seems to be no stimulus to fighting the pandemic; India’s Covid cases are 9.7 million, deaths are over 147,398 and active cases are 378,996. We are second only to the US in the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths, even when we are testing merely a fifth of the number of people that the US is testing per million population.

Besides, the Self-Reliance package 3.0 once again tackles the supply side of the economy, in order to boost manufacturing investment and exports. This, when the problem with the Indian economy since 2016 has been slowing and low demand. There is a revival in demand due to the festive season, as our Q2 FY21 GDP seems to suggest, but that might not be sustained for long.

I hope you enjoy listening to my views in the last of the 2020 editions of the Owl Wisdom Podcast. As always, you will find links to useful reading below.

Season’s Greetings to all of you. I hope I can be back soon with yet another season of my Owl Wisdom Podcast next year!

Links for further reading:

This edition of the Owl Wisdom Podcast uses music tracks of Shaolin Dub and Siddharth Corsus from in the main sections and the music of Twisterium from in the introduction, interlude and end sections of the podcast and is grateful to all of them.

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