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Now in its fifth year, Peripatetic Perch is a blog on business, economics, politics and culture that offers you a wise-eyed view of the world. I am Geeta Sundaram, an advertising and brand communications professional, welcoming you to my blog where you will find plenty to read and think about.

I take an un-siloed and nuanced approach to analysing and writing about all that affects our lives. And The Whistle is the free monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to, in order to stay updated on my blog at your leisure.

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The world of business and brands

Get a balanced and nuanced understanding of business in India and around the world that is based on economic developments in order to stay ahead and updated. Since I also write on brand strategies and communication, hopefully, the blog will also provoke thought on brands.

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We and the political economy

So much of business and work related issues are connected with economics and politics and the political economy matters. Here is where you’ll discover and understand those connections in greater depth and find relevance in order to make sense of the world.

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Culture in its many forms

A third force that impacts our lives and work is culture. Not merely the world of art and culture, but deeper cultural currents that flow through the globalised world, from racism to culture wars. I try to parse some of these in my articles, including in my book reviews.

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Owl wisdom streaming

I also share my thoughts on all these subjects in the form of Owl Wisdom Podcasts, which has completed a year on my blog. You can listen to editions of 2020, a year dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, trade wars and the breaking down of the multilateral world order.

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Owleye Monthly Column

Each month, I train my Owleye on the most important issue to shine a spotlight on, and write a column sharing my thoughts on the subject. These tend to be wide-ranging, from Afghanistan, to the Ukraine crisis, to soaring debt and inflation around the world, and more.

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