Does India’s Budget 2020 Rev Up Growth: Owl Wisdom Podcast

The Indian government just presented the Union Budget for 2020-21 a few days ago, and this one was more anticipated than those in years gone by for the simple reason that the current slowdown in the Indian economy is unprecedented.

In this Indian budget special edition of the Owl Wisdom Podcast, I examine the highlights of budget 2020 to see if it does anything to provide a growth stimulus to the Indian economy. India’s budget 2020: The road ahead likens the state of the Indian economy to an old car, and takes a look at the rear view mirror to see the distance we’ve travelled in the past few years, before looking at the highlights of this year’s budget and its implications for the journey ahead.

Below, you’ll also find links to articles and documents that I have referenced in the podcast that make for useful reading. Thank you for listening to this podcast and I hope you enjoy it.

Budget 2020 doesn’t put the Indian economy into the right gear

Links for further reading:

Click to access frbm1.pdf

Many thanks to Twisterium and for the introduction as well as the interval music tracks that I have used in the podcast. Also thanks to Kabbalistic Village and whose music I use in the main sections of this podcast edition.

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