Writings on the Wall #22: Time

As the world gets vaccinated and emerges from lockdowns, it is time to ready for work and social activity once again. Several sectors that were severely impacted by the pandemic can look forward to reopening their businesses and welcoming customers.

One of the features of this pandemic according to media reports, was that people had more time to themselves. Whether it was due to little or no commuting, less socialising and outdoor leisure activity, or a combination of all, the pandemic seems to have forced us to look inward. More time to ourselves was welcome in many ways.

However, now that economies are reopening for business, it’s time to make time for the world outside. For office, for social and cultural activity, for our friends, colleagues and indeed family. For travel, dining and shopping, and all that brings us pleasure.

My thoughts on apportioning time after the pandemic, the hours, minutes, days and the people contained within.

Have a wonderful time experiencing life after pandemic lockdowns. But do stay safe and take care.

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