Writings on The Wall #19: Dining Out

As countries go in for mass vaccination drives, the hope is that they may soon be able to reopen parts of their economies that have been severely affected. Like dining, entertainment, travel and more. And while technology has certainly come to the rescue of many, allowing people to shop online, stream films and concerts, and order take-out meals, there is something to be said for good, old-fashioned dining out at your favourite restaurant.

In fact, the pandemic might force restaurants to reinvent themselves and offer the incomparable. To create entire dining experiences that can’t be matched by take-out meals and TV dinners. For who can deny that dining at a fine restaurant is equivalent to travelling to faraway lands and sampling their cuisine and culture, if only for a few hours.

Then, there is the whole ritual of planning a dinner out, inviting friends, reserving a table and maybe a bottle of rare wine or champagne that makes it special, right from the word go. Not quite the same as tapping a food order on your smartphone and walking up to your bar and saying, “Hmm… let’s see what do we have here?” Not to mention the pleasure of wearing the beautiful outfit that you haven’t worn in years, especially if it’s an occasion.

Ordering a meal is fine during a pandemic, or if you’re rushed for time. But I think dining out is akin to travel. It is a journey of the senses, and a chance to discover new dishes and flavours, as well as rediscover your favourites.

Few restaurants and hotels take the trouble to serve fine food, and the atmosphere to go with it. And since I have recently been writing on brands in the wines and spirits industry, I think there is every opportunity to look forward to the revival of fine dining soon. Let our taste buds go on a journey once again!

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