Ripples of Reflection

Hello, readers! In addition to my blog post of today on brandthink and imagination, I have a new video to share with you all.

With so much happening around us from the raging Covid-19 pandemic to the economic crises and rising tensions between the world’s superpowers, we are inundated with information and news round the clock. We are barely able to digest the news to make sense of the world, before the next wave of news hits us.

In this new video for my blog, I contrast this wave-like news with the need to step back and reflect on the implications of the news, which is more akin to ripples of thought. I made it using stock footage from and stock music by Scott Buckley from and I thank them all at the end of the video.

I hope regular readers of my blog will find that it captures the nuanced and reflective spirit of all that I write and share here. Do watch and share if you like it. I’d be happy to hear your comments. You may also visit my YouTube channel to see more videos like this that I have made for my blog.

In this rainy monsoon season then, ripples of reflection is in order!

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