50 Years of Earth Day

Today, April 22, 2020, happens to be Earth Day. Not just any Earth Day, but the fiftieth anniversary. What a time to be commemorating it, right in the middle of a Covid pandemic. That’s why the event has gone digital this year, the official website informs us.

Speaking of climate change, it is unfortunate that the last Climate Change Summit in Madrid was inconclusive and rather acrimonious as well. And this year’s Climate Change Summit that was to be held in Glasgow later year this has been postponed to 2021, thanks to Covid.

My contribution to Earth Day is a video I made in just two days, to share my Earth Day message and that is that we should consider every day to be Earth Day. It uses stock footage from Pexels, stock music, as well as sound effects of a few birds’ chirping that I was happy to record on my morning walks in Goa. I thought of using a clip of Richard Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries from The Ring, which I thought perfectly captures the urgency of the gathering storm.

Every day is Earth Day

Time is ticking away and unless the world, including the business community, acts effectively and swiftly we are in for a precarious future. As I had written in a post long ago, on the role of business in tackling climate change, they need to take greater responsibility for their actions when it comes to mitigating global warming.

And so should each one of us. Plant more trees, they are the most reliable supply of fresh oxygen that we have. Consume less, where we can, and create less waste. Reduce, reuse, replenish.

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