Owl About Words: The Fuss Over a Folk Rhyme

Alright, time for yet another word from the days of yore. More precisely, the eighteenth century word, crinkum-crankum.

Do you think it’s another way to describe a cranky child or a crotchety old man? Or even an old jalopy that needs to be cranked up, in order to start? Those were certainly the thoughts swimming in my head, when I came across crinkum-crankum.

Well, it has been used to mean different things, as Ivor Brown tells us below. When he talks of his previous volume, he is referring to another of his books called A Word In Your Ear, written before Just Another Word.

Now, I hope this doesn’t give men in the 21st century any ideas about asking women to say silly things like “losing their binkum-bankum…”

Then again, are there any 21st century men?!

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