Writings on the Wall #2: Venice

I didn’t intend this to be the next of my posts in the Writings on the Wall series, but with Venice flooded and the government there declaring a state of emergency in the city, I thought it might be appropriate to pay my homage to the magnificent city and send the people there my best wishes. And I was fortunate enough to find Annie Spratt’s photograph of Venice, just right for this piece.

As a traveller to Venice decades ago, I have known of the city’s perils, mostly from the ever-rising waters of the Adriatic. And I have also read of Venice’s inability to deal with the flood of tourists, though the city’s economy depends on it. This recent article in the New York Times writes of similar woes. Perhaps, a good idea would be for Venice to close its doors to visitors for a few months each year.

And, I was wondering if technology could come to the rescue. What if we could travel virtually, especially during times like these…

Here’s hoping Venice recovers soon from this natural disaster, that its people are safe and that its art treasures are preserved for posterity. May Venice’s winged lion watch over the city.

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