Writings on The Wall #11: Summer Holidays

As I write this, I realise that I haven’t had a holiday or travelled in years. Or perhaps, I have had an extended one lasting well over a decade at my parents’ place in Goa, for no particular reason.

Well, August is the time for holidays and many around the world will be spending this summer vacation at home, thanks to Covid-19. Though economies are trying to reopen for business, tourism is particularly ill-fated this year. It doesn’t stand a chance against the virus.

My sympathies to all those whose lives are engaged with work in this and related industries, such as airlines, travel businesses, hospitality, dining and even retail. While some of these businesses can manage to serve customers through e-commerce and doorstep delivery, there is no substitute for travel.

I had in previous Writings on The Wall posts, shared my thoughts on whether technology can be leveraged for virtual tours, and if museums and art galleries can offer virtual tours for a fee. But nothing compares with visiting new cities and countries, taking in the sights and exploring new cultures, in person.

And for the rest of us, travellers, perhaps, there is another way to look at the 2020 summer vacation. To see how we can gift each other a holiday this year.

May you all have a quiet, tolerable summer vacation in 2020, wherever you might be.

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