Writings on The Wall #14: Autumn Festivities

The Covid pandemic has cast such a long shadow over most of 2020, that as we near the end of the year I can’t help but think of ways in which we can celebrate despite the virus.

November seems to be the month for festivities of some kind in most parts of the world, from Thanksgiving in the US to Diwali in India. And yet, with Covid cases surging in many countries, lockdowns and restrictions are being reimposed.

I share my thoughts on how we can spread festive cheer and share celebrations with our loved ones, even if we can’t be with them. Thanks to technology, we can shop online, send gifts and greetings, and even enjoy virtual dinner parties!

Hope you enjoy your autumn festivities safely and with zest, wherever you might be. Let us give thanks for what we have, and pray for the departed souls who are not with us.

Most of all, let us look forward to another new – and hopefully better – year.

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