An Invitation for Quiet Reflection

Hello, from a newly refreshed Peripatetic Perch! In keeping with the recent changes I have made to the blog site, I thought it’s time for me to also try and capture the spirit of the blog in a refreshed way.

The video that I am sharing here takes the idea of “owl wisdom” that I had shared earlier on this blog (which you can view here, if you haven’t seen it before) forward, by focusing on its relevance in our day-to-day lives. It attempts to juxtapose the hurly-burly of our every day existence with the need for space for quiet reflection on all that’s happening around us. I have called it the Journey of Life because if we view life that way we will see that with all the hectic parleying and chaos that surrounds us, there are periods of quiet and restful thought that we all need to rejuvenate us.

In the past year, I have tried to make Peripatetic Perch just that place for nuanced, balanced thinking and writing on business, politics and culture. That crucial intersection that determines our lives and shapes our world view.

I hope you like the video and that it is the same spirit that the blog site communicates through the content that you find here. Please relax, browse, read, and of course, reflect.

It’s worth stepping back from the noise and reflecting on life

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