Owl That You Read: Survey Results and Reward!

The Peripatetic Perch Reader Survey is done and it’s time to share the findings with you all. First, I would like to thank all those who responded to the Survey, which was done to understand your reading preferences, so that I can plan my blog content better.

days of reading 1
Proust’s delightful account of the pleasures of reading

We are talking of a very tiny sample, of course, since the universe of those who read Peripatetic Perch is still a very small one. And most responses came from subscribers to my newsletter, as you would expect. I am very heartened and encouraged by their response and a very special thanks goes out to them! And I am happy to report that most readers’ preferences are in sync with the content at Peripatetic Perch and that we are a bunch of like-minded people for the most part.

The Survey findings have been collated and analysed by SurveyMonkey and you can view them at a glance by clicking on the link below. It is best viewed on your computer.


Now, for the small reward I promised in appreciation of your responses. It’s an article from The New Yorker called Can Reading Make You Happier?, that I happened to read recently and I thought you might like it as well.


The article talks of a book by Marcel Proust titled Days Of Reading that I also bought and read. It is a delightful account of the experience and pleasures of reading, right from childhood days, and I highly recommend it to all those who love reading, if you haven’t already read it.

There’s something I saw recently in the newspapers which brought a smile to my face and since it is about reading, I just had to share it with you all.

Then, just for a lark, I generated a word cloud for the blog site. And even though I am somewhat embarrassed that my name has appeared in such large letters (since it hardly appears on the site!), I thought I would share it nevertheless. At least the site name, the name of the newsletter, and words like owl wisdom, thought, India, China and the world, as well as business and culture seem to have registered well. I am puzzled that the word economy is not prominent, since I tend to use it often in the blog (perhaps, a little too often!).

A word cloud I generated for Peripatetic Perch just for fun!

Finally, before signing off, I thank you all once again. I will do my best to keep improving the content at Peripatetic Perch and I hope you will continue to visit and see what’s new here.

It might make sense to subscribe to the monthly newsletter I send out called The Whistle with all my latest posts, if you aren’t already a subscriber. That way, you also gain access to content that I select from the Web and share exclusively with subscribers at The Whistle Library on Peripatetic Perch each month. All you have to do is enter your email address and click the subscribe button below.

Wish you many months of happy reading ahead!

Thank you for subscribing


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