Tanishq showcases India’s heritage

I think some brands have the authority and leadership to leverage a country’s cultural heritage and showcase it to the world. Tanishq jewellery, with its long experience of success in India since 1996, is well poised to delve into India’s culture and make the world see it in a new light.

I have attempted to devise a new strategy for Tanishq jewellery as part of Titan Company Ltd. which, along with Titan watches, will make Titan Company itself a heralder of India’s rich cultural heritage and give it a modern and international interpretation. You may read my thoughts on the brand strategy I recommend for Tanishq as well as the campaign ideas by clicking the link below.

A preview of the brand campaigns for Tanishq

While the film ideas for Tanishq are in the above document in script form, I have created layouts for the print campaign, even though I am not a designer or art director. First, the launch adverts for both routes and campaigns. These are not necessarily required to be full-page adverts, but they must dominate the page. Below, you will see launch adverts for both campaigns, with layout options for the second route.

Now, the brand campaigns for Tanishq for both routes. The jewellery featured in the campaigns are stock images and are not the ones recommended for Tanishq. Besides, the inset sketches featured in the first campaign are meant to be actual sketches of the Tanishq jewellery design, and not of the monuments as depicted in the layouts right now.

The print adverts feature stock images from Pixabay and Unsplash and the Tanishq logo is from Wikipedia and I am thankful to all of them.