Ways of reviving Marks and Spencer

Marks & Spencer has had to cope with tough times during the pandemic and before. Not only is it facing stiff competition from other British retailers and supermarkets, it also has to compete with fast fashion brands such as Benetton, H&M and Zara.

Here are ways to revive this great British retail brand back to growth. By focusing on their core strengths, their unique and differentiating product lines as well as classic and timeless values. You can read about the revival strategy I recommend as well as the brand campaign ideas in the document below.

Since I am recommending that M&S fashion position itself as unfast fashion, the TV adverts focus on the elegant, timeless styles and emotional values around clothes. I couldn’t possibly have made the films for M&S unfast fashion using stock footage, and have left them as scripts in the document above.

A sneak preview of the M&S campaigns you can view separately on this page

However, I have worked on the print brand campaign for their fashion/apparel range, which you can view below. In addition, I recommend smaller adverts (about 100 column centimeters and single page magazine) for announcing their seasonal collections which too can be viewed below. I must clarify that I am not a designer or art director, but have written and designed these campaigns.

Besides apparel, M&S was once known for its own brand of personal care products as well and I would recommend that they bring back personal care, with a focus on natural ingredients. The TV advert for M&S Body Care is in the form of a script in the document. However, you can view the print campaign I have created for M&S Body Care below.

As you would have read in the main document, I do not recommend that M&S foray into foods and groceries, though they could consider a limited gourmet foods line at a later date, as that might be in line with the 137-year old brand that ought to stand for elegant and earth-conscious living.

The stock images used in the M&S brand campaigns are from Pixabay, Stock Snap and Unsplash and I thank all of them.