Thoughts on JLR Corporate Brand

After coming across JLR’s corporate website quite by accident, I started to put my thoughts down on a strategy for the JLR corporate brand, beginning with a new corporate brand identity. I must clarify that I am not a designer, but a writer in advertising and brand communications, so the ideas for the new corporate identity for JLR in the document are only directional and not the final designs. To read the corporate brand strategy I would recommend for Jaguar Land Rover, please click on the link below.

The document also contains my thoughts on how to approach the new mobility subscription service, Pivotal, that JLR has launched in the UK, where I recommend that they seriously consider it as a third brand from JLR and carefully strategise the path forward for it, including branding options for the new service.

I then thought it might be a good idea to attempt a brand-print video for JLR which captures the kind of relationship that JLR, the company, would like to have with its customers. It is not a TV commercial, nor a promotional video. It speaks of the values of JLR, where they come from, where they are headed and what customers (i.e. all stakeholders) can expect from them in an evocative way, hopefully. It is meant for internal consumption within JLR, so all its employees can be steeped in the brand’s values.

Typically, a brand-print is an articulation of the brand’s relationship with the customer and it helps a company – especially employees and dealers – stay focussed on what the customer expects of them and to never lose sight of it. However, I believe a brand-print can also be created for a new brand, or to relaunch a brand, if one has articulated its core values and formulated its strategy. In this case, it works not as the customer’s articulation of the existing brand relationship, but as the desired ideal that the relationship must strive for.

Here’s hoping JLR will take us to a new world of mobility and will help Tata Motors too embark on the new journey.

The stock footage and images used in the JLR brandprint video are from, Unsplash and from JLR’s own corporate website and the music of Antonio Vivaldi’s Spring from Four Seasons is from and I am grateful to all of them.