Thoughts and Ideas for Liberty London

Sometime around the middle of 2019, I went about putting down my thoughts on the Liberty London brand, from its brand identity and store ambience to the advertising on mass and digital media, website as well as exclusive events. The kind of merchandise Liberty London stocks, with its focus on the exotic, niche and artisanal from across the world as well as their own signature Liberty printed textiles convinced me that the brand should focus on multiculturalism and the eclectic tastes of its shoppers as well as its international appeal. The strategy and positioning that I finally arrived at for the Liberty London brand is that it is an “exotiquarium” of the world.

The various floors of Liberty London looking into a central atrium; Image: Gryffindor CC by SA 3.0 on Wikimedia Commons

I think the key to growing the Liberty London brand is in opening it up to the world by sourcing exotic merchandise from overseas, some of which they already do. It’s equally in inviting shoppers from around the world, and they will come precisely because the merchandise is unique and out of the ordinary. However, the brand needs to advertise to communicate this and engage with customers. You can read the brand strategy document that I not only thought and wrote, but designed as well, by clicking on the link below.


Then, I set about thinking of ideas for the brand communication and it was to make the store come alive through its merchandise and its shoppers. The video/TV advert tells the brand’s story through a conversation between two lady shoppers, one a regular at Liberty’s and the other somewhat new. The film is treated as though the viewer too is a shopper at Liberty London who overhears this conversation. In print and digital, there are playful conversations that take place between various Liberty merchandise, which helps to bring out the exotic appeal of shopping at Liberty London. You can read about these ideas in more detail in this accompanying document below.


Lacking the Christmas spirit?

A little over a month ago, I thought a brand like Liberty London cannot afford to be absent from Christmas advertising. That it should in fact bring people some festive cheer even as the pandemic continues to play spoilsport.

I thought of an idea that takes the exotiquarium positioning into Christmas with the well-known carol, “Twelve days of Christmas”. In this video advert, a white Liberty printed silk scarf which is the gift on the first day of Christmas keeps expanding and unfurling to reveal more exotic gifts on all the other days, before it finally becomes the sail of a sailboat. Unfortunately, because I had to depend on stock music and stock footage, the execution doesn’t exactly capture the story, but you get the idea. The white billowing fabric that you see in the video below is meant to be the white printed scarf expanding and unfurling.

Twelve days of Christmas

The Liberty London brand must engage more with its customers in order to build its brand and that means it has to focus on the right kind of communication.

The stock images used in the documents are from Wikimedia Commons, those used in the campaign ideas for Liberty London are from Pixabay. The stock footage used in the Christmas video are from and Pixabay and the stock music from and I thank all of them.