Scripting the Future of Parker and Waterman Pens

It is rare enough to see people use fine writing instruments for communication nowadays. Rarer still, to see them being used regularly.

Here, I have attempted to chart out brand strategies and communication ideas for legendary writing instruments brands, Parker and Waterman, both owned by Newell Brands in the US. The objective is to grow the market for fine writing instruments and create a preference for these brands, in today’s context where technology has taken over the task of communication and longhand writing is hardly ever seen.

I believe Waterman pens ought to be positioned as a writing instrument for inspired writing, using the unique ink flow system that Edson Waterman invented for the world’s first ever fountain pen, as the fundamental basis for it. I have created three brand campaigns in print for Waterman, with the last campaign acting as a follow-up to the first two, all of them together perhaps stretching over a period of at least three years. The first two campaigns are also rendered for the digital medium, while TV adverts focus on the first campaign idea, in order to create an aura around the Waterman brand.

You may read the brand strategy and ideas for Waterman pens by clicking the link below.

The three campaigns, landing page and mood board for Waterman pens:

The digital campaigns for Waterman pens:

A sneak preview of the brand campaigns for Parker and Waterman pens

Parker pens, on the other hand, being better-known ought to be positioned in the same way as before: the writing instrument that helps you make your point effectively. I have also tried to keep the brand imagery and the look and feel of the Parker brand campaign as close to what it has always been. What changes is the wider context in which I now place the Parker brand: in business communication and in coexistence with other communication tools, that are technology-based.

You may read the brand strategy and ideas for Parker pens by clicking the link below.

Print campaign, landing page and mood boards for Parker pens:

Digital campaign for Parker pens:

As I have said before on my blog, I am not a designer or art director, but I have created the layouts for these campaign ideas in addition to strategising and writing for them. If the campaigns achieve the desired effect, I have to thank Canva, the designing app for non-designers!

May Parker and Waterman go on to pen a great future, not least by innovating and introducing a range of stylus pens that can write on all digital surfaces.

The stock images used in the brand campaign ideas for Parker and Waterman are from Pixabay and Wikimedia Commons and I thank them.