Revving Up Jaguar Cars

Having put down my thoughts on brand strategies as well as communication ideas for JLR and Land Rover, it’s time I shared my brand strategy and campaign ideas for Jaguar.

In my opinion, Jaguar needs a boost of technological and design innovations to take it and the company, JLR, into the future. Especially the kind of future, JLR is envisioning for themselves. Therefore, my brand strategy for Jaguar is to position it on the kind of driving experience the Jag customer should expect, and that happens to be a lot like luxury air travel.

A sneak preview of the Jaguar brand campaign

As a creative idea, I have the chief design director talk to us about Jaguar in three TV adverts and in print, I focus on how the Jag helps the customer feel as if he or she can be at many places at the same time. You can read my brand strategy and ideas for Jaguar cars, by clicking on the link below.

Now, I must once again reiterate that I am not a designer or art director, but I have created layouts for the print campaign, which you can see in the document below. When eventually executed, each advert will feature a single Jaguar transcending multiple locations at the same time, although that has not been exactly captured in the layouts below, due to stock image constraints. However, it should give you a fairly good idea of what I mean.

Besides four adverts for the Jaguar brand, I have also created two layout options for a single advert for the launch of a new-generation Jaguar E-Pace. This is to demonstrate how product launch adverts for Jaguar can form part of the overall brand strategy and creative idea, while being focused on the specifics of the new vehicle.

Also, each time a new generation vehicle is launched, a new TV advert is not required. Unless, of course, the vehicle is truly a generational leap either in design or in technology. When launching a completely new variant of Jaguar, all media ought to be pressed into force.

Here’s wishing Jaguar bon voyage!

The images used in the print adverts for Jaguar are from Unsplash as well as JLR’s corporate website and I am grateful to them.