Raising the corporate quotient of American Express

Since I have had the chance to work on American Express for many years during both my stints at Ogilvy Delhi decades ago, I had put down some thoughts and ideas for how American Express can make itself relevant to senior corporate travellers in the age of globalised business.

The strategy I have for American Express is one that straddles all their businesses, since I do believe that it is a well-integrated corporate brand. It is just that I don’t think they have ever thought of themselves as a unified corporate brand, although it is time for that since their competitive advantage lies in their linkages at a corporate level. It helps that their range of products almost all target a particular kind of corporate senior management person and that makes it easier for them to position themselves as a corporate brand in customers’ minds. You may read the brand strategy and communication ideas I have created for American Express in the document below, which is designed to raise the corporate profile of American Express as a brand and sharpen the brand’s competitive edge even further.

A little glimpse of the campaign for the American Express corporate brand

While the corporate brand film for American Express is in script form in the document above, I have attempted to create layouts for the print campaign, even though I must emphasise that I am not a designer or art director. As mentioned in the document above, the creative idea in print is to use the metaphor of skyscapes to communicate the peace of mind that American Express brings its customers. You may view and read the print adverts in the document below.

As mentioned in the strategy and ideas document, other brand communication disciplines such as direct marketing and PR too have an important role to play in helping American Express build itself as a corporate brand that is also an indispensable corporate travel instrument.

The print campaign I have created for American Express uses stock images from Unsplash, while the American Express logo is from Brands of the World website and I am grateful to them.