Pepping up PepsiCo

It’s been over 10 years that I put down my thoughts on a new drink from PepsiCo at my parents’ place in Goa, but lost them to termites. I have now had the chance to recreate the brand strategy and campaign ideas from memory and am sharing them on my blog.

This brand strategy is for a new drink from PepsiCo that will replace Pepsi, the carbonated cola beverage, and will also set the stage for PepsiCo to reinvent itself in shifting more towards healthier products and lifestyles. Below you can read my brand strategy and campaign ideas for the new drink.

Launch adverts for Pepzi

I am not a designer, but here are my layouts for the digital and print launch adverts for the new drink, Pepzi. They highlight the sparkling and refreshing quality of the new drink as well as the s changing to z in the American way.

Pepzi launch advert for the digital medium

Follow-up campaign for Pepzi

As I say in the document, around three months after the launch of Pepzi, a follow-up campaign ought to break in media which places the new Pepzi in consumers’ lives, and talks about the new healthy and sparkling refresher. Here is the follow-up campaign, comprising four adverts, one for each variant of Pepzi.

Meanwhile, a set of four short video adverts do the job of launching and establishing the new drink’s healthy and refreshing attributes, through the idea of the Americanism in using z for an s in some English words. As I mention in the document, ideally the s in the operative word should flip or rotate to form a z, but because of constraints I have had to strike out the s and replace it with a z in these videos.

These short 15 second adverts can run through the entire launch and follow-up phase, along with any sales and image promotions that PepsiCo might want to run in the first year.

Pepsi New Drink Video Advert (Coconut Water)
Pepsi New Drink Video Advert (Iced Tea)
Pepsi New Drink Video Advert (Fresh Lime)
Pepsi New Drink Video Advert (Passionfruit)

Theme/Brand Campaign for Pepzi

As I say in the strategy and ideas document, a year or so after launch, Pepzi ought to move to the brand-building phase, where the brand attempts to build an emotional connect with consumers, besides the rational, product-driven one. These will mainly be communicated through video adverts, and I have shared scripts for these video and TV adverts in the same document.

Here’s hoping PepsiCo will embark on a brand new journey of non-carbonated and healthy beverages with Pepzi.

The stock images used in the campaign layouts are from Pixabay and Unsplash, while the stock footage used in the videos are from Videezy, Pexels, and Pixabay. The stock music used in the videos are from Pixabay, while the Pepsi logo is from Brands of the World website. Vector illustration of glyph below of three soft drink bottles is by Mulvect on PngTree. I am grateful to all of them.