Making Indian Tea a Toast to Wellness

I have always been of the view that Indian tea is one of the world’s finest and yet, we have neglected to make it the toast of the world. This is my attempt to get the Tea Board of India, Indian tea estates and Indian tea companies and brands to seriously consider making Indian tea a way to build their brands and brand India.

India Tea, the way to relaxation and wellness; video in gif from

Although there are many varieties of tea in India, and we should certainly work to improve the quality of all of them and raise their profile, in brand strategy terms the way to achieve this is to focus on relaxation and wellness. And in brand communication, we ought to focus on India Tea as the overarching umbrella brand as well as Darjeeling Tea, its finest exemplar. You may read my thoughts and ideas on making Indian tea, a commodity currently, a fine brand of India, by clicking the link below.

While my ideas and scripts for TV adverts for both India Tea and Darjeeling Tea are in the document above, you may see the print campaigns for India Tea and Darjeeling Tea by clicking the links below. I am not a designer, but I have written and designed these layouts, thanks to Canva, a designing app!

Just as an example of how the Darjeeling Tea Campaign can work in the digital medium, I have created a few adverts. These can also be adapted to souvenirs such as tea coaster sets, etc.

Besides tea coasters, there are other ways that the idea of Darjeeling Tea can be merchandised. To illustrate, I have created a set of souvenir posters and postcards that can be sold through souvenir shops at tea estates to tea travellers.

Of course, it has to begin with improving Indian tea quality and creating an appellation system for the various kinds of tea that I write about in the document. This way, even tea companies and brands can build greater appreciation for fine teas among their target consumers and raise the profile of Indian tea overall.

To relaxation and wellness, the Indian way!

The campaigns for India Tea and Darjeeling Tea use stock images from Pixabay, Unsplash and PNG Tree, while the logos of India Tea and Darjeeling Tea are from Wikimedia Commons. These are all for indicative purposes only, and I am grateful to all of them.