Making Air Vistara a World-Class Airline from India

These are thoughts and ideas that I had put down two years ago for Air Vistara, from Tata and Singapore Airlines. While the airline industry has suffered recently thanks to the Covid pandemic, these are my thoughts on what brand strategy Air Vistara ought to adopt as well as the communication for it, whenever it is ready to take to the skies again.

In preparing the strategy document, I have kept in mind the state of the airline industry in India, as well as who Air Vistara’s biggest international competitors will be. Things have changed recently with Tata also acquiring the beleagured Air India, with the intention of turning it around. You can read my thoughts on Air Vistara’s brand strategy (three alternative strategies) as well as brand communication ideas for them by clicking on the link below. It also has campaign ideas for Air Vistara’s First Class and Business Class.

A little preview of brand communication ideas for Air Vistara

Alternative brand campaigns for Air Vistara:

These are my print campaign ideas for Air Vistara, if it were to pursue any of the first two alternative brand strategies. Film scripts for the campaigns are part of the main strategy and ideas document above.

Recommended brand campaign for Air Vistara:

This is the print campaign for Air Vistara for the third brand strategy that I would recommend. Film script for the recommended route is part of the main strategy and ideas document for Air Vistara above.

Launch and tactical adverts for Air Vistara:

While the launch advert is common to all the strategies, I have also worked on tactical adverts for each of the three strategies, so you can see how overall brand strategy impacts tactical communication as well.

Website for Air Vistara:

The text and appearance of what the Air Vistara website ought to communicate, though I am no designer.

Two campaigns for Air Vistara First Class:

Two campaigns for Air Vistara’s First Class that are not alternatives, but will follow one year after the other. Media to be highly selective international publications, mainly business and financial dailies and magazines. Film script for Air Vistara First Class is in the main strategy and ideas document above, but you can view the film mood board below.

Campaign for Air Vistara Business Class:

The campaign for Air Vistara’s Business Class that ought to also appear mainly in business and financial publications. Film script for Air Vistara Business Class is part of the main strategy and ideas document above.

Though I am not a designer, I have strategised, written and designed all the campaigns above for Air Vistara. These are meant to relaunch the airline – otherwise in service since 2014-15 – in India and internationally as a world-class airline from India.

The images used in all the campaign layouts are from Pixabay and Unsplash and I thank them.