Keeping Chivas and The Glenlivet jewels ageless

Anyone who knows anything about Scotch Whisky knows that Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet are iconic whisky brands in Scotland and around the world. They are crown jewels in Pernod Ricard’s bar cabinet and ought to be protected and grown. In a world where brands are trying to get younger and where competition abounds, one can never be too sure of success and every attempt must be made to extend brand strategies with thought and care.

Having worked on Seagram (now Pernod Ricard) in Ogilvy India, when the Company set up business here, I have put down my thoughts on brand strategies as well as brand campaign ideas for both these iconic brands. I have also offered my considered view on the entire range of Scotch whiskies from Pernod Ricard and how they might strengthen it, in order to compete better with Diageo. You can read my strategy as well as ideas in the document below.

A little preview of the brand campaigns for Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet

While the TV advert ideas for Chivas Regal as well as The Glenlivet are in script form in the document above, you can see the print campaigns for both brands in the documents below. I am not a designer, but my attempt was to balance the regal splendour of Chivas with a font that is modern and elegant. On the other hand, I believe that The Glenlivet with its age-old traditions and connection with the natural surroundings in Scotland, deserves a traditional serif font and Scotland’s beautiful landscapes.

Once these premier brands of Scotch Whisky are set on the right path forward, Pernod Ricard needs to consider a similar strategy and communication tweak and extension for its other brands, especially Ballantine’s.

The print campaigns use stock images from Pixabay, Unsplash, Wikimedia Commons and PNG Fuel while The Glenlivet logo is from Brands of The World website and I am grateful to all of them.