Ideas to Revive Jaeger Clothing

Thanks to visiting the M&S website, I discovered that they acquired the Jaeger Clothing brand at the start of 2021, but I didn’t think what I saw on their website was quite the Jaeger brand. Having bought myself a few items of Jaeger clothes at Harrods decades ago, on one of my visits to London on work from Ogilvy Delhi, I thought the brand was more chic and elegant than what I see now.

Here then, are my thoughts on the kind of strategy that Jaeger should adopt in order to revive itself as a semi-luxury clothing brand for working women, which I believe has largely gone unaddressed. In addition to the strategy, you’ll also see brand communication ideas for television, print, a new exclusive website for Jaeger, as well as ideas for a customer loyalty/direct marketing programme and PR in the document below. I end with my preliminary thoughts on what the next stage of the Jaeger strategy could be, once they achieve stage 1 which is to position it as effortless elegance in women’s fashion.

A little preview of the brand communication campaign for Jaeger

The idea for the TV advert is in the form of a script in the document above, since I couldn’t have found the right stock footage to make it right now. However, I have designed the print campaign for Jaeger fashion, which you can view by clicking the link below. While I am not a designer or art director, the idea is to capture the Jaeger woman’s elegance amid her busy schedule.

An animated customer loyalty branding option for Jaeger

I believe that the Jaeger brand ought to be kept separate from M&S for reasons mentioned in the strategy document, and to that extent, it ought to have its own website. Below, you can view the home page of what the Jaeger website ought to be; I have used the autumn theme for the homepage header at the moment, since that is what they plan to relaunch the brand with. You can also view a single-page adaptation of the brand campaign below.

The website header uses a gentle animation movement, as depicted in the gif below.

Animated header recommended for the Jaeger website

Here’s hoping that Jaeger stages an elegant comeback and that millions of women professionals like me will once again find sophisticated clothing to wear to work and on important occasions.

The stock images used in the Jaeger print campaign and website page are from Unsplash, while the wooden log and toadstool illustration that I have used for the Jaeger beaver branding is from Canva and I thank them.