Ideas for Vodafone Stay Home Campaign

These are a few ideas I had for Vodafone to communicate the message of Stay Home during Covid-19.

We don’t want to be preaching or lecturing them about why it is good to stay home as they would be fatigued listening to such messages right now. The campaign idea is to make people feel good about staying home by showing them ways to make the most of the Covid lockdown through staying connected; they get to discover new dimensions to themselves and express themselves better. The campaign line, “Home is where the heart is… where the start is” captures the spirit in which we want customers to take the stay home message.

The campaign comprises a video that can run on social media and YouTube, as well as on TV (budgets permitting), social media/digital adverts, landing page for website and email communication.

The video:

The video features a montage of people spending their lockdown time at home doing things they might not have always had the time for. They are shown discovering new skills, hobbies, friends, etc. while staying connected at home. The words in the supers act as gentle nudges, hinting at all the possibilities that await the customer every day at home, while the music is upbeat and optimistic.

The social/digital campaign:

The social media/digital campaign features Vodafone customer stories of how each of them discovered, learnt, experienced, shared something new during the Covid lockdown, without even referring to Covid or lockdown. What is critical, of course, is the Vodafone connection which too is merely hinted at.

Each of the adverts leads to a special landing page on Vodafone’s website, where readers get to read more of this and other stories, and where they also discover the Vodafone subscriber exclusive: the wellness coach’s podcast series specially created for Vodafone customers, to which they have complimentary access.

Email and landing page for Vodafone website:

As I said earlier, the social media adverts lead you to the campaign landing page where all other customer stories are shared with the main message of making the most of staying home. Vodafone also invites customers to share their stories which could be featured on the landing page. The landing page also features the special wellness podcast series.

Vodafone subscribers receive email communication about this campaign with customers’ stories as well as the exclusive podcast series. Each week, they would receive the latest podcast edition by email, so they won’t have to even visit the website or keep track of the episodes.

On searching the internet, I found that the best life/wellness coaches in the UK and internationally are Nick Hatter and Elisabetta Franzoso, both of whom also contribute regularly to Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s online wellness portal. For the purposes of the idea right now, I have gone with Nick Hatter in the layouts.

As I have said before, this is a tactical exercise for the Covid pandemic period, but one which would help Vodafone be seen as a helpful and reliable telecom brand that understands its customers’ needs.

The stock footage used in the video are from and and images used in the video as well as in the social media campaign are from Unsplash. The video uses free stock music by Twisterium from

The Vodafone logo used in the campaign is only indicative as I do not have the actual brand logo.