Ideas for Parker Pens Work From Home Campaign

Here are some ideas for how Parker Pens can help their customers express themselves more effectively even while working from home. The campaign’s message is WFH with individuality.

Since this is for a leading brand of writing instruments, social media and digital adverts lead the way, with short 8-second videos keeping them company in social media and on YouTube.

Digital/Social Media Campaign:

The idea in this campaign is to remind readers of the power of handwritten communication, even while working from home. The creative idea uses coloured Post-it notes with headlines that refer to business communication. Each time, one key and operative word is handwritten, as if by Parker’s feathered arrow.

Video Campaign:

A set of five short 8-second videos helps to make the same idea come alive through the “handwriting” part, which should ideally be animated along with the Parker arrow.

While working from home, most people are likely to forget or ignore their writing instruments. This tactical campaign is one way to help people remember the Parker brand, and how it brought the individual touch to business communication during Covid lockdowns.

The digital campaign as well as the videos use stock images from Pixabay; the videos use a sample of Bach’s cello suite #1 by Yo Yo Ma from and is grateful to them for free use of the same.

The Parker logo shown is only indicative as I do not have the brand’s logo.