Ideas for Land Rover Owners’ Club

These ideas are for launching a Land Rover owners’ club, an elite international club that has its own online forum for exchanging ideas, comparing notes on Land Rover journeys, sharing updates on their latest trips, etc. The objective behind creating such a club is to reward Land Rover owners for their brand loyalty and to strengthen the company’s relationship with its customers.

Brand Identity for the club:

Since it is advisable to evoke a strong sense of belonging to the club and encourage camaraderie, the branding that I thought of, for this route, is Land Rover Expedition de Corps, or Land Rover Expeditionary Corps. It goes well with the positioning and tag line for the Club, “We make every journey an expedition”. Another branding option would be to also strengthen its connection with the main brand which is Land Rover. So, using word play, I thought of Land Rover OverLanders. Below are some of the brand identity designs for these. I would recommend Land Rover Overlanders as the name and identity to go with. As you go through the rest of the communication, the reason for using the location icon in the recommended logo will become clear.

Launch Film and Adverts for the Club in Mass and Social Media:

The video and print adverts in mass media (preferably, not full-page) and social media would work to announce and create an image for the Club in the minds of both Land Rover owners and prospective customers. The idea is to communicate the Land Rover owners’ need to travel to out-of-the-way places and share their experiences with others.

OverLanders: Making every journey an expedition

Follow-up Campaign for the Club in Social Media:

These adverts in social media can follow a fortnight or so after the launch adverts appear in both mass and social media. The objective of the follow-up campaign is to appeal more to prospective Land Rover buyers, while also reassuring Land Rover owners that they made the right choice and giving them an image boost.

The idea in this campaign is to use maps and the Land Rover OverLanders location icon logo to communicate the arduous and far-out journeys that Land Rover owners undertake. This campaign uses USGS (United States Geological Survey) satellite images from Unsplash which add drama and a sense of wonder to Land Rover OverLanders’ journeys.

Campaign Landing Page, Dedicated Website and Launch Emailer for the Club:

While the landing page for the social media campaign would be created on Land Rover’s own website, a separate and dedicated website for OverLanders is recommended. It is here that they register to join, upload their travel blogs and videos, share their experiences and catch up on updates and news. A separate mobile app based on this, should be created as well, where OverLanders can actually communicate or reach out to other OverLanders. Below, you can also see and read the first launch emailer that goes to Land Rover OverLanders, welcoming them aboard the club.

Needless to add, an integral part of what makes the club distinctive is Land Rover’s partnerships with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and The National Geographic Society. To the extent possible, this association is stressed in all communication.

The campaign ideas use stock footage from and stock images from Unsplash, including the USGS maps/satellite imagery. The video also uses free stock music clips from punch deck 100 seconds and savfk travelling symphony tracks, courtesy